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How to Sell Your Old Macbook Air Online

Most people sell or give way their apple devices such as and macbook air when they are planning to buy new ones. There are many online stores where you can sell your old Macbook Air . You should remove all the personal information before giving away or selling your device. However, you should avoid deleting your , reminders, photos, documents, and calendars manually as this would delete some of the important data stored on the iCloud servers.

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You can get more money by selling your valuable Macbook on your own. Sellyourmac is one of the best online stores that can help you in trading in or selling Macbook Air  and other androids devices. They have an efficient online platform that allows customers to sell their apple devices easy and fast. They can allow you to sell your old device when buying a new device.

Sellers are required to mail their old apple devices in which they want to sell. They have the best in-store program that aloes its customers to sell and buy old products. Getting the best price for your product should be your top most priority. However, some consumers can opt to sacrifice some dollars for convenience. This website has an effective, easy trade-in-programs that can make the resale process more smooth and convenient. The following are the factors that you need to consider when selling your old Apple device:



People sell their devices whenever they are planning to buy new models or upgrade their old ones. Ideally, you should sell your equipment whenever you can get the best deal. Some of the reliable sites like sellyourmac are known for offering aggressive pricing for old quality devices. This is one of the safest and convenient ways of selling your old phone. Comparing the prices offered by different websites can help you n getting the best deal when selling your apple device. The price offered mainly depends on the condition and model of your device.

Credit or Cash

This is another important thing that you need to consider when selling your device. You should inquire how you will be paid after selling your product. Some of the online stores prefer using credit cards instead of cash. PayPal credit is another payment option that is accepted by these online stores.


Remember that time is money. Most people are busy, and they cannot find time for standing in the line when buying or trading in their devices in these online stores. The decision of making an old iPhone to a store and dropping off your phone is a personal one. Time should always be factored in when the seller is considering the available options.

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Seven Hints to Buy the Best Smartphone

Smartphones are common among both the young and the old in today’s society. It’s rare to come across those who don’t own a one. However, if you wish to purchase a good device for daily use, then you have to put a number of issues into consideration.

If you get a smartphone without contemplating the issues, then you will end up burning a hole in your pocket. Keep the pointers in mind as discussed in this post when shopping for a smartphone to make a sound decision.


It’s true that not items are priced the same in all the shops that you visit. You will realize that online dealers are much cheaper compared to those who sell in physical stores. Yes, you heard me right! Those who sell online are a lot cheaper because they don’t have to worry about issues like renting space, paying workers, and buying the necessary equipment to run their store. You will be surprised to discover the massive discounts that online sellers offer their clients.


Next, you have to review the quality and the life of the battery inside the device that you wish to buy. If you travel frequently, then you require a battery with a larger mAh because you won’t have enough time to charge your smartphone as recommended by the manufacturer.

Phones with extended battery life are the best for your case. Experts suggest that you should get a phone with 4000 mAh and above.


The RAM also matters a lot. If you need advanced performance, then you should look for a phone with 2 GB or more RAM. Such phones are recommended because they don’t heat up or slow down when put to the test.

If you like playing big games on your smartphone, then you have no option but to get one with a bigger RAM.

Screen Size

If you need a smartphone for your studies or searching the Internet, then you need to get a device with a bigger screen. The big display will make it much easier for you to read. Don’t get a device that will strain your eyes and make you hate it.

If you want to buy one, it’s suggested that you go for one with a five-inch screen or more. Avoid a much bigger display as it might hinder single-handed operations.

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Internal Space

The internal storage space of the device that you get also matters a lot. If you want to install big games or some movies, then shop for a phone with 16 GB or more internal space.

Camera Quality

If you like taking photos or selfies, then you should hunt for something with a powerful camera. A camera with 8 megapixels or more will be ideal for your case.


Go for a phone with unique security features. For instance, you will come across one with advanced security features like thumbprint readers, face lock just to mention a few.

The tips as discussed above will help you make a rational decision if you are a new buyer. Keep them in mind, and if money is not the problem, go for a powerful phone that is worth every cent you spend.