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What Is It?

GAO Embedded Inc. Partnership Program creates an alliance of leading RFID vendors with the goal to deliver integrated and coherent RFID solutions with outstanding values that will serve the diversified and ever-changing needs of customers. This Program enables all of its members to be richly rewarded by the success of the mutual customers.

What Are the Benefits to the Partners?

Discounts on GAO Embedded Inc. products
Discounts on WowGao RFID events and other events
Dedicated account manager
Dedicated technical support
Incentives program exclusives to partners
Access to partner and solutions directory
Press release support
Inclusion in marketing resources
Promotions on the Website
Promotions in email campaigns
Promotions in direct mail campaigns

Who Can Apply to Join the Program?

Any reputable company offering quality RFID or RFID related hardware products, software products, integration services, consulting services or value-added reselling.

A start-up or consultant may apply provided that the founder of the start-up or the consultant has demonstrated expertise and a solid track record in the RFID industry.

If you are interested in becoming a GAO Embedded Inc. partner, please send an email with your company name, address, telephone number, and email address to: .

We will contact you promptly to discuss in more detail.

Atmel Corporation is an industry leader in the design and manufacture of advanced semiconductors, with focus on microcontrollers, nonvolatile memory, logic, radio frequency (RF) components and sensors. These functions are marketed as standard products, application-specific standard products (ASSPs) or customer-specific products (ASICs) in order to provide a rapid and flexible response to the needs of Atmel's customers.

Blue Star Electronics Division provides Professional electronic equipment and industrial products by world renowned manufacturers. Our six Business Groups provide a range of high technology products and value-added services as well as turnkey engineering solutions, catering to most industry segments.

FrequencyWare provides consulting, solution development, integration and implementation services to assist global companies in improving the efficiency of their data collection. We are dedicated to assist companies in determining the best approach to deploy customized RFID solutions.
NJE Consulting is Canada’s leading RFID System Integrator and Consultant. We handle all your RFID system needs—from early concept development to full-scale system implementation and deployment. NJE Consulting is one of very few Canadian companies that has practical project experience with all RFID technologies in common use today.
TRANSCORP TECHNOLOGIES LIMITED, is an integrated enterprise created to offer Information Technology solutions to various market segments such as, Industries, Corporate Houses, Government Organisations, Financial Institutions and other vertical segments, both in domestic and overseas markets

Founded in 2000 by current President and CEO Amir M. Attar, AsaaSoft is one of Iran's privately-owned and operated IT services providers and PC systems integrators. AsaaSoft provides practical, real-world solutions and a comprehensive customer-focused portfolio of support services.
For more than Five years, Rajkamal has prevailed as the leading supplier of Barcode Solutions, Wireless Networks & Magnetic card solutions, consistently setting the industry course and standards for use of Barcode technology & Card based transactions.
Blossom IT Solutions Pvt Ltd is a Bangalore based company providing flexible IT solutions driven by the appropriate technology suiting to the requirements and preferences of the customer.
Memex Automation is an innovative engineering company focused on discrete manufacturing. Memex has recently announced its new Mx1150 Local DNC Controller with Local Memory, Onboard DNC, Embedded Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE), Machine Monitoring and Adaptive Control. The new MX1150 is natively compatible with GaoRFID UHF RFID readers and tags. Memex's innovative approach will put "work in progress" monitoring and manufacutring logistics easily within reach of any manufacturer.

We act in the national and international market commercializing Universal Programmers and Bequeathers, Universal Gang Programmers, Stand-Alone Programmers, Converting Adapters, Erasers of Eprom's, Electronic Emulators of CI's and Componentes (Atmel, Modifies, AMD, Microchip, Motorola, YOU, Intel, National, among others). We make use of Assistance Technique and Support Technician.

At SWB Consulting, Inc. we specialize in developing websites, custom software applications, process optimization and search engine optimization services. Our highly customizable product suite includes the state of the art Atlantis Content Management System. Is also features our award winning web-based live and online auction management tool, the Atlantis Auction Manager. Our headquarters are in San Francisco, California.

Agileteq is a technology consulting company based in Athens Greece specialising in providing meaningful IT services and cutting-edge technology solutions, including RFID, Wireless Networks, Sensors for commercial businesses and government organisations. Our aim is to transform technology into value for the benefit of our clients.

ATIC Data Systems Private Limited is an Advanced Technology integration Company based at Bangalore,India. ATIC has been in this technology integration industry since 1998. Our unique approach focuses on integrating existing technologies to ensure security in different walks of human life.

Library Automation Technology, Inc. is exclusively focused on creating and building library patron self-checkout systems. For more than ten years our management and technology team has been involved in the software design, engineering development and service of library patron self-checkout for major industry vendors.

Company RFID Centrs Ltd. was founded in Riga on 2003. The goal of main activity is the adoption of RFID technology solutions for different economic sectors. Together with our foreign partners with decennary experience, we carry out the technical research projects for our customers as well as implementation and integration of RFID systems. We deliver on - demand the following products: tags, labels, proximity cards, ID cards, printers/encoders, readers, portal gates, antennas, accessories.

iAlyCo's vision is to become a true business partner to every existing and new customer alike, embracing business challenges in both the short and long term, working with those customers to meet all of their needs. In so doing, iAlyCo will further strengthen relationships with clients, manufacturers and partners to enable value to be delivered at each opportunity whilst generating continued profitable business growth.

R.A.I.T. 88 was created in Rome in 1981 with the intent of becoming a strong partner in the electronic and telecommunication industries. After the initial period, the company expanded its activities in the field of military aircraft, radar, and weapons.

The R and V Group is dedicated to delivering quality RFID solutions to mid-sized and smaller companies who are exploring the value proposition of RFID technology or are faced with compliance issues and scheduling pressures resulting from RFID mandates. In addition, we are also a contract manufacturer to large, established label manufacturers.

HAT AS is established in February 1999. Although we are a start up company, the experience of the key people in IT and internet market is minimum 4 years. HAT AS basic goal is to serve the companies who require to connect their intranet to internet, specially for e-trade purposes.

ActiveWave was established to provide leading edge RFID solutions to businesses and organizations in order to help them overcome problems associated with tracking of equipment and inventory. Founded in 2001 by veterans of the RFID industry, the company is focused on providing complete RFID solutions using our own exclusive ActiveWave technology.

RFID being our core business practice, Syncroft provides customized RFID Hardware as well as System solutions to the clients globally. We design RFID systems as well as components to meet our client expectations and help them in achieving higher efficiency in their business processes to increase their profit margin.

BB Systems is a Software/Systems consultancy specialising in Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) solutions.

GGautomation Inc - Communications Specialist in Mine Infrastructure Communications, Broadband-Ethernet-Fibre, Control Systems and Video Networks.

We are a consulting company for project and general management, playing the role of IT&C integrator for RFID products in various verticals.

At Trivalent Solutions, you'll find a team of veteran professionals assembled specifically to bring you the best of both worlds: years of hands-on experience in the operational and financial issues you face every day combined with the outside objectivity that helps identify opportunities others might miss. In other words, our people have been where you are now, and where you want to be tomorrow.

identysol uses the latest wireless, web-based and RFID technology for asset tracking and control both indoors and outdoors and improve business efficiency or generate additional revenue. We have created complete turnkey solutions around RFID, GPS, mobile communications and Internet technologies to deliver both off-the shelf property, asset tracking and employee tracking and management solutions as well as complete consultancy and project delivery for customised solutions based on the most advanced technologies. Our off-the-shelf products include eparx and identimes.

Aayur Technology Solutions Private Limited (ATS) is an integrated systems and solutions provider of Electro Mechanical Packaging for Electronics and Display systems and Command and Control Systems.

We intend, with the futre creation of this company, to take Portugal to be one of the pioneering European countries in use of the active and passive RFID. The profile is inserted in the Project tracing of the Portuguese Government for new technologies. The research and finding new areas of application for this technology are between our goals.

Epsilon Elektronik was founded in 1993. The company focuses on the distribution of products for the medical and industrial applications of nuclear science.

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