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Embedded UHF Reader Module

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Overview Embedded UHF Reader Module

This embedded UHF reader module leads the industry in embedded UHF reader performance. Offering a combination of high performance and compact footprint, it delivers benefits including a long read distance of up to 5 meters, reliable reads through anti-collision, ease of operation, simple integration through its included API, investment protection through field upgradable software, and performance optimization via its 10 to 30 dbm power control and noise reduction technology. It has been designed specifically for applications that share common requirements for tag support, protocol and performance such as inventory management, asset tracking, patron management and personnel tracking. The embedded reader is suitable for handheld/mobile readers, doorway readers, printers/encoders, and smart-cabinets/shelves.

Key Features Embedded UHF Reader Module

  • UHF Band, 860 to 960 MHz
  • Max. output power of 30 dBm
  • Broad support for EPC C1 G2 tag vendors
  • Compact size
  • Field upgradeable firmware
  • Variety of host interfaces: UART (TTL), USB, SPI & I2C
  • API support in ANSI-C, NET, ASCII, and binary
  • Industry-leading price-performance through read performance that reaches up to 5 meters
  • Inventory reliability through anti-collision that allows up to 50 tags to be read in a single read operation
  • Ease of integration
  • Increased performance through optimization for tag-specific characteristics for individual tag types
  • Performance optimization achieved through power control (10 to 30 dBm), noise reduction technology, and power management

Technical Specifications Embedded UHF Reader Module

Operating frequency
-30 C to 85 C
42.8 mm
76.5 mm
11.2 mm
25 g
Storage Temperature
-30 C to 85 C
Operating Temperature
-20 C to 70 C
9.6 kbps to 115.2 kbps
USB 2.0 Full Speed
12 Mbps
Regulatory Support
FCC 15.247, RoHS
Planned*: ETIS 302-208, China, Japan
Air Interface Protocols
EPC C1G2/ISO 18000-6C: 40,80,160 kbps
Planned*: ISO 18000-6B: 40 kbps
IPX EM EM4122, EM4444: 64, 256 kbps
Antenna Connection
50 Ω port with MMCX (female)
VSWR 1.5:1 or lower for best performance
Current Consumption
Idle/Sleep Mode: 462 mA
Scan Mode: 1.5 A at 30 dBm
Supply Voltage
3.3 V, regulated 1%
Output Power
Adjustable from 10dBm to 30 dBm with 0.1 dB steps
Power Accuracy
1 dBm
Read range
up to 5 meters for a single tag
Anti-collision performance
up to 50 tags/s

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