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TI DSP Evaluation Boards & Tools : IB2812 Interface Board

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Introduction - IB2812 Interface Board

IB2812 Interface Board is a sub-board for the extended keyboard and display panel.

IB2812 can be used with TMS320F2812 DSP chipset to realize some special or customized control functions. (TMS320F2812 core and its peripherals are designed for high performance Digital Motion Control).

IB2812 can operate with EVM2812 via MCBUS (Motion Control BUS), so as to optimize the performance of 28X DSP. In the mean time, customers can fully utilize each of on-chip function pins, such as defining PWM, A/D, I/O and capture unit. It forms a complete digital servo motion control system when working along with MCK2812 L/HVD Evaluation Board.

Features - IB2812 Interface Board

  • To evaluate the extended keyboard interface and display panel interface of TMS320F2812DSP chipset
  • Able to operate with EVM281 via MCBUS
  • 6 channels of PWM output (PWM1-6 if goes to MCBUS of Event Manager A, PWM7-12 if goes to MCBUS of Event Manager B)
  • 6 I/O of I/O PORTB to press keys and LEDs
  • CAP input
  • 8 channels of AD input either AD0-7 or AD8-15
  • Special purpose chip with SPI interface to administer the nixie tube and press keys
  • Power supplied by EVM2812 board

Product Review

"Excellent service, wonderfully speedy delivery (I'm in the UK and it only took 5 days from placing the order for the item to appear at my desk!) and the USB 2.0 Emulator I ordered is far better than I expected, and the lowest price available in the market."

Jennifer Graham - United Kingdom

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