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Factors that Determine Drone Flight Time

Flight time is an important consideration when choosing a drone. Cheap drones fly for about 5 to 10 minutes. On the other hand, quality drones can stay on the air for about 30 minutes. Some professional drone flyers come with spare batteries. This means that they can fly all day. The following are the factors that determine how long a drone can stay up in the air.

Battery Life

drone multicopterYou should note that batteries are available in a wide range of sizes depending on the drone models. Usually, a powerful battery can keep your drone in the air for an extended period. As you know, batteries degrade over time, unless they are well-maintained. In any case, a well-looked after battery can provide extended flight time as compared to a battery that charges less efficiently. It is advisable to get a lithium battery. The good thing about lithium batteries is that they can store a lot of energy. However, you will pay extra to get them.

The time it takes to charge the drone battery varies from one model to another. In most cases, it should take about 20 minutes and 1 hour to charge the drone. Most chargers can be plugged into a wall, USB, and even PC. Ensure your drone is fully charged before flying.

Weight of the Drone

Usually, a drone will either carry one or two motors. Some models even have four motors. Also, the surface and weight of the drone mean that the battery must do a lot of work to keep the machine in the air. For instance, a large drone requires a large battery to ensure an extended flight time. Usually, drones that are made of lightweight materials fly longer.


drone phantomThere is a need to take into account the total weight of the drone. In this case, you must sum up the weight of individual attachments such as cameras. Most professional drones have a camera, recorder, sensor, or similar devices attached to it. If the add-ons are heavier you will have less flight tome.

Usually, a drone flies for about 10 minutes, but professional ones can last even for 20 minutes. Just like other things, the price impacts how long your drone can fly. The above tips can help you find a drone with long flight time. Also, maintenance practices can affect flight time.