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Reasons to Become a Streamer

Nowadays with the increasing age of technology, it is much easier to watch old records or movies from the internet, especially when all you have to do is type whatever you want to watch and it’s going to be there. The same goes for live shows as well, it used to be hard to watch shows of your favorite idols, and now it’s much more comfortable. And you might be thinking, should you leave your job and try to become one of those internet celebrities? In this article, we’ve prepared some reasons on why you should try your hands on becoming a streamer, read more before you leave your office job.

You Are Your Own Boss

projectThe first reason for you to become a streamer is that you hate being under pressure from your boss or superior. When you’ve become a streamer, you’re streaming all you want, and you’re the boss of your channel. This reason, however, comes with a downfall as you have to make sure that laziness and procrastination don’t get the best of you, especially when you have to stream.

You Know What You Like

Another reason to become a streamer is that you know what you like, and you feel like people will love watching you do it. Perhaps you’re good at playing video games, consider giving Twitch or YouTube gaming a try, or maybe you’re good at cooking. Whatever it is, you have to know the community as well, will people like whatever you’re doing? If you’re already sure about it, consider trying to stream.


moneyLet’s face it, top streamers and internet celebrities make just like any other celebrities and even more than that. When you’re famous, you’re more likely to get projects and endorsement, and money will not be a problem for you. But do realize that if you’re trying out to become a streamer for the money, you’re not going to last, make sure that it’s your passion as well.

Tip: Do know that you’re going to spend some money in the beginning for some streaming or recording equipment!

Your Content

Maybe you don’t want to spend the rest of your life creating content for a company; perhaps you wanted something that you can proudly say that it’s what you made and it doesn’t belong to any company. If so, consider becoming a streamer or a YouTuber as you have all the rights to your content.