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Proven Ways on How to Make Frontline Workers More Productive

In an industry that is characterized by greying workers with an average age of 44 years old, the automotive manufacturing industry needs to address the issue this early to be able to be productive in the years to come. Until today, there are many job vacancies in various automotive companies due to several factors. One reason that stands out is the lack of skills of the present workforce. It is evident that companies do not take chances by employing inexperienced and unskilled frontline workers.

A review of Andonix Smart Work Station principles may be the solution of this perennial issue in the automotive industry, which has been here for years already. Of course, it is a concern for all because the industry is always an important sector of every modern society. Here is an outline of the Andonix SWS formula on how to improve productivity.


Upgrade Your Technology

While most sectors are driven by the most modern technologies, the manufacturing industry seems to be left behind on this aspect. Frontline work is still burdened with lots of paperwork and repetitive tasks. It’s about time to employ the latest technology to make frontline workers more effective in their jobs while saving on the money with the use of less papers and other stuff. Workers will also be more than happy to do away with those repetitive and boring tasks.

By digitizing the frontline services, relaying instructions, checklists and, communications will be improved. Communication within the company will be much improved when mobile devices with the latest communication apps are deployed. Staying connected with your workers by giving them information, summons, and receiving updates will be more convenient than ever. When communication is a two-way process, and work becomes collaborative, it is truly empowering to your workers.

Enhance Skills through Training and Supervision

The issue of the lack of qualified workers can be solved with training courses offered to workers. It should cover step-by-step skills training that will advance their knowledge of the latest procedures in automation. Hands-on training should require a considerable amount of guidance and supervision to allow you to measure the progress of your training program.

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Analyze Data to Guide You in Your Actions

The use of technology will enhance efficient reporting in a company. This will ensure that every data is collected and should be analyzed thoroughly. Through the data gathered, you will know the aspects that need improvement. You can also trace the flaws and faults to prevent them from happening again.

The Andonix SWS has been presented at Harvard Business School and remains a potent solution to the issues in our automotive manufacturing industry.